Party Poker Super High Roller Bowl Online for $11

��The Super Substantial Roller Bowl On the internet kicked off earlier this week. The inaugural on the web event for the Super Large Roller Bowl consists of 29 substantial roller tournaments, working on the partypoker platform from Might 23 to June two.

The biggest event on the Super Substantial Roller Bowl Online routine is the $102,000 Major Event with a $three million assured prize pool. If you don't have a large adequate bankroll to afford the 6-figure buy-in, will not worry.

At partypoker they're offering gamers a opportunity to qualify for the tournament for as low cost as $11.

To get into the principal occasion for $11 you have to progress through a four-phase qualifier. Phase one particular has a acquire-in of $eleven. Gamers commence out with 500 chips, with blind rising every 3 minutes. As soon as the tournament has reached level 16 any players left standings advance to Phase two.

In Phase two, gamers who advanced from Phase 1 carry in excess of their chips. You can also acquire-in in right for $109 and start out with five,000 chips. Blinds carry on to rise each 3 minutes soon after beginning out at 25/50/6a. All players remaining when the tournament reaches degree 16 advance to Phase 3.

Again, all players that superior to Phase three from Phase two carry more than their chips. You can even now get-in immediately for $1050 and commence out with 50,000 chips. Blinds begin at 250/500/50a and rise every single 5 minutes. All players remaining after the tournament reaches degree 27 advance on to the last phase.

In the final phase at least five seats are guaranteed for the primary occasion. There is no direct get-in choice for the final phase. The ultimate phase commences on June 1 at 4:thirty p.m. central time. The players who win the final phase won't have extended to wait as the primary event begins the same day at 7:00 p. Link m.

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